Blog number 2 – 5 September 2019 –


Hey Kids!

Thanks for checkin’ in. Got a heap of things to report since my ‘virgin’ blog.
Some really good, some… eh, you be the judge! Wanna hear the scoop? 


First, the nifty, author-y type tidbits:

*JC’s Website is looking swell! Got it mobile friendly too, after a ‘little birdie’ informed me it was sorta messed up. Okay, bigtime messed up. (Kudos to you, K!) Head on over for a look-see to read some snippets, leave a comment, and jot down your emails for my must-do mailing list. (Pu-lease!) (

*After a few hitches, JC’s official, legit Facebook Author Page is up ‘n running! Yahoo! (Thanks a bunch, Angela.) Check it out, and ‘like it’, if you’d be so kind. (FB: jcjayeauthor) Next up: tackling the mysterious world of… da da da daaaah… Instagram. Eeeek. People, wish me patience on this mind-boggling baby! 

*Hey! The cover for book two in the Breakaleg Trilogy is designed! Yowza! If I do say so meself, NEED IT, WORSE looks seriously awesome! You can view it on both the platforms above. Feedback is mucho appreciated! 

*I’m pleased to report book one in my series, NEED IT, BAD, is now in the hands of a kickass editing team, and things are ‘full speed’ ahead for its Amazon release: mid to end November! Yeah, hooray! At last, at last!

*My busy little fingies are now at work on the third and final tale in my trilogy: NEED IT, WORSE THAN BAD. It’s been awhile since I caught up with Axel and Iris, and I’m thoroughly enjoying rediscovering and recrafting their supah-hot story. Just like ‘BAD’ AND ‘WORSE’, this is one sizzling tale: chockful of snappy dialogue, tons o’ humor and plenty of passion! (Look for books two and three early next year!)

*I’m super psyched to be attending the Moonlight & Magnolias conference in early October. What a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with fellow writers I recently met in N.Y., and to meet lotza new ones, too! This girl will be doing herself some diligent networking, you betcha! 

*Last but not least: Since finally taking the plunge into the deep (and at times insanely bewildering) waters of social media, Yours Truly has connected with scads of fabulous writers, bloggers, editors, and all-around book hounds. Sheez, talk about talent! I now have a veritable treasure trove of ‘friends’ in the romance industry and beyond, and it’s an inspiring, educational, and truly supportive trip! Not to mention, freakin’ hilarious. Adore all the hysterically raunchy posts! Must do my dang best to keep up! Here’s a big shout out to all my brand-new buds!


Alright. That’s the good stuff. Now to regale ya with a few semi-crappy happenings of late. Just to let y’all know it’s not all peaches and cream back at the Dirty Mind Ranch! Never fear, I’ll keep it brief, to a scant two newsflashes.  The first zinger is long-reaching and a huge, fat bummer. The second dispatch was thankfully short-lived, yet diabolically detestable. Both: major UGH factors!

Flash number 1: Left knee. My MRI report came back. Results? I. Am. Fucked.
Second total replacement on the near horizon. Curses to the nth degree.
Get those five-pound bags of sunflower seeds ready! 

Flash number 2: Crazy Hazel, my 11-year young terrier, had herself an epic meltdown last wicked thunderstorm. Pretty much her finest (?) one ever, which believe me is sayin’ something. 

*Assorted highlights: Furniture askew. Piss on bed. Poop in shower.
DUAL. ANT. TRAPS. STUCK. ON. PAWS.                                                                             

(Sidenote: I assure you these nasty suckers were virtually unreachable, unless  one happened to be an extremely limber, terrified fur bomb trying to squeeze trembling bones into alarmingly unsqueezable spaces.)  

And yes, I may be a bit of a drama queen, but let’s see how good you do scrubbing industrial-strength, ant-encrusted glue off a demented canine’s pads with an olive oil-soaked washcloth at half past midnight. Solo. Because your husband is still out partying his ass off while you magnanimously take your leave of said rollicking hootenanny to go comfort your neurotic ‘child’. Worse part?
There was still a
shitload of wine left. 

This joyous interlude seriously sucked. The storm lasted friggin’ forever, too. 

PS: I made hubby clean the crap. At 2 am. Buzzed out of his tree. No guilt here!


Well, there ya have it, my pretties. Mostly good, right?
Except for the bum knee, and the shitshow (har) in Canada.
But hey, it’s not the Bahamas.
JC will continue to persevere and count her blessings.

On that note, I send prayers to fellow author Elizabeth that her lovely home in the islands is still standing and salvageable. And many more prayers to all those who suffered the devastating wrath of Dorian. Readers, please find it in your heart donate to a worthy charity of your choice. These folks surely need it.

Okay, gotta run. Little Miss Ant Traps is scratchin’ at the door, the spoiled hellion.

Over and out for now. In humor, love, ‘n lust,