Blog number 17 – June 24, 2020


Ladies, get ready for it… This is most exciting news!

It’s time for my Independence Day weekend ❤️?? DIRTY DOZEN GIVEAWAY ??❤️

Intrigued? You’d better be!

To keep the JC “wheels of hotness” rolling, my smarty-pants marketing team and I came up with the inspired idea of bundling 12 sizzling romance novels from a slew of fabulous authors in a pretty, Parisian-inspired gift box… a fabulous gift for a lucky duck lover of scintillating prose and Happy-Ever-Afters to get down n’ dirty with.

Naturally, this studly stable of book boyfriends includes my smokin’ babies, Need It, Bad and Need It, Worse each signed by yours truly and sporting a charming, artisan-crafted accessory to save your page. (Or to earmark the best parts.)

Mark your calendars for July 3 at 4:30 pm Eastern Time! That’s when one prizewinner will score herself a hefty armful of highly-rated reads. The only thing you lovelies have to do to enter is click a button and sign on up. First, go here and enter your email address. Then, wait to see if you win.

Want extra chances to win? Follow @jcjayeauthor on Instagram and/or like my Facebook page for two extra entries. That’s it! Super simple

The Dirty Dozen is a romance aficionado’s dream — a $200.00 package o’ passion containing works by some of my favorite big-time authors, titles from awesome writer buds of mine I’ve met “on the circuit,” and a smattering of new-to-me talents I’m excited to promote. Authors supporting authors = a win-win, all the way.

And never fear… no matter your penchant when it comes to the guys, we got ya covered! Within these sexy tomes you’ll meet rough bikers and charming wine vintners, delectable docs, and tantalizing truckers. Arrogant bastards and unexpected heroes. All hot-blooded, all larger than life, and all “Alpha” as they come. Shoot, what more could a gal ask for?

Here ya go with the amazing lineup:

*JC Jaye: Need It, Bad
*JC Jaye: Need It, Worse
*Joanna Blake: Preacher
*Vi Carter: A Deadly Obsession
*Zara Cox: Arrogant Bastard
*PJ Devere: Pour Choices
*Lia Fairchild: Compulsive
*JB Heller: Silver Bush
*Kathleen Kelly: Wraith
*Verlene Landon: Unexpected Hero
*Eliza Peake: Trouble Me
*Jamie Schlosser: Trucker

Well? Did I not tell you?

Run, do not walk, do not stop for coffee, and get in on this hotter-than-fireworks giveaway. Be sure to share this newsflash, and tell all your buddies… Remember: the better your odds are, the more likely you can swap the books with your besties.

And now for a few final “cherries” (har) on top:

*Need It, Worse Than Bad, the third and final novel in the Breakaleg Trilogy releases September 4. Yeehaw! Click here to preorder Axel and Iris’s unforgettable story.

*Busted Hearts, a novella featuring all three of my hunky heroes will be available for FREE July 3. Stay tuned for details immediately following the giveaway.

See you on 7/3 and good luck, chicks!

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