TEASER – Sledgehammer by JC Jaye

Heart crashing like a sonofabitch, I stared down into sparkling hazel eyes, gritting out a question.

“Babe. You sure?”

Exactly why I was stalling, I had clue zero. Christ, I wanted nothing more than to crush those juicy cherry lips beneath mine, to suck every ounce of oxygen out of Becca Calhoun’s luscious lungs. But, shit, the stuff she’d just laid on me had my head spinning, and the complications resulting from getting it on with a client were legendary in my line of work. Legendary, and a legal nightmare.

Precisely why I’ve never dipped a steel toe in those murky waters before, not once.

Whole new rule book when it comes to this unholy angel…

Kitten stretched up a hand, smoothing her fingers over my beard.

“Yes, Joe, I’m sure.”

“Ah, hell…” I groaned out the surrender, cupping her sweet rump in paint-speckled palms and pulling her close. She felt unbelievable—all soft curves and warm, bare skin, and my head swam as if I’d downed a dozen boilermakers. Painfully aware of my own sweaty hide and stained clothing, for a second, I considered drawing back, but then those teasing fingers slid to my mouth, and that was fuckin’ it.


I nipped at her soft digits, then soothed the flesh with my tongue. Mmm… Her skin was delectable, like rose-scented honey, and I couldn’t wait another half of a heartbeat to find out if the taste of her lips matched.

“C’mere, girl…”

Bending my knees, I hunched, grabbing her jaw as I lowered my head. The next instant, our mouths were fused, and it was better than all my fantasies since the lady had signed on the dotted line.

Better? God bless it, wasn’t even a contest.

“So sweet. Fuckin’ delicious. Jesus, you’re unreal…”

I moaned the praise against plush lips, licking deep. Becca purred back and opened wider, clutching my biceps with short, digging nails. The feel of her hands on me was maddening, and I spun us around, walking her backwards. Narrowly missing a wet purplish wall, I pinned her against dry primer, grinding my hips against those prickteasing cutoffs.

“Oooh, Jooooeeee…”

All right. Thinkin’ my kitten likes that.                                                                                           Sledgehammer

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