By JC Jaye


Erotic Novella

Three good buddies

Hunky ex-Marine and taciturn deliveryman Tommy Branson. Gorgeous, filthy-mouthed contractor Gash Gannon. Smoking-hot construction magnate Axel Jameson. A trio of rough-edged men, each pierced for the first time by Cupid’s flaming arrow.

+ Three women who slay them

For head-over-heels Tommy, it’s sexy blogger Bebe Anderson. No-commitment Gash is knocked sideways by sassy ad-exec Tansy Martin. And it’s luscious photographer Iris Donovan who steals Ax’s cold, hardened heart.

= Three busted hearts.

A crooked cop with a vicious vendetta. A Dear John note and a kick to the curb. A doctored-up photo of the sleaziest kind. These whiskey-slamming circumstances bring the friends together for a three-day pity party in NYC. In between bottles and hangovers, the desperate dudes hatch plans to get their babies back. After 72 hours of piss-poor decisions, that shit’s not working out so well.

Time to kick it in high gear. Or is it too late?




KDS Vine Voice

Sweet, sassy, steamy & so entertaining

Need It, Bad (The Breakaleg Trilogy Book 1) by JC Jaye is a very well written, entertaining romantic comedy that cranks up the heat along with the laughs.
These two characters are exciting and engaging; Bebe with her quick wit and Tommy with his hot, filthy mouth. The book’s plot of these two is witty and full of surprises, never a dull moment to say the least, they just can’t seem to catch a break. At least not until Tommy finally does, but not in a good way!
Overall, a really fun read with off-the-charts steam, awesome characters and a HEA with promise for Tommy and Bebe as well as more to come. I can’t wait to see which of Tommy’s pals falls next.


Charlie D.

Steamy, sizzling and humor
Steamy, sizzling and humor! This author does it all in this book. It’s steamy, funny and has great characters and storyline. Looking forward to her next book. Keep them coming, JC!

Paula V.


This is a steaming hot read! I haven’t been into books lately, but a friend told me to start reading again and told me to try something different. What can I say, except I’m hooked? Couldn’t put this one down. A great way to escape into a new reality!