By JC Jaye



This badass bartender is as tasty as the whiskey he pours.

Mitch ‘Moonlighter’ Tirone landed his nickname by excelling at two careers. Hardworking contractor by day, he trades the power drill for a bar apron at night, pouring ʼem strong at his old man’s gin mill. He’s cool as the brews he serves until he spies a flame-haired goddess cruising by on a bright pink bicycle. One gobsmacked glance, and ʼLighter turns loopy as a lush. First item on the gotta-have-her agenda: let’s find out what the beauty likes to drink…

His mystery woman is the town’s sexiest teetotaler.

Substance abuse counselor Andy Lachlan possesses a boy’s name, a centerfold’s figure, and a brutal past. Daughter of a violent drunk, alcohol is her no-go zone, and she’s passionate about assisting addicts while avoiding the liquor lifestyle like the plague. Hours spent advising clients or pedaling off the angst on a hippyish ten-speed don’t leave much time for fun-n-games, but this new girl in the ’hood isn’t about to settle for anyone less than the alpha abstainer of her dreams…

Professional partier, and despiser of all things booze. The chemistry is combustible when bad boy and bohemian meet, but can the star-crossed lovers make it work and find the ‘heavenly mix’?





Fantastic Chemistry

~ Maria – Moonlighter – 5 star review on Amazon
Mitch and Andy are such a wonderful couple and have fantastic chemistry together! They fight so hard to get to where they want to be, I love the struggle, angst and heat!!

 Fantastic Read

Rosa dunahue – Moonlighter – 5 star review on Amazon

Moonlighter is star crossed lover story. When Mitch sees Andy for the first time, he knew he wanted to know everything about her. But the one thing about Andy is her past and why she does not want anything to do with his lifestyle. But Andy has been riding her bike passed his bar just to see him. Can these two get past their different and found their HEA?

Moonlighter has some incredible characters. J.C. Jaye does fantastic job with storyline. I love Mitch and Andy. They have some incredible chemistry and terrific scenes. Dirty Boys Do It Better series is amazing, and I would definitely recommend.

slow burn- sexy bearded dirty talking alpha

LA. Readsromance – Moonlighter – 5 star review from Amazon

Dang can JC really get you in a twist while reading. Moonlighter was full of sexual FRUSTRATION. She is the queen of almost getting you there with the dirty talk before something interrupts the characters from being able to really dive into… well you know!

Moonlighter is the last book in the series. Mitch and Andy are the quintessential opposites attract. For me this is a love at first sight trope (my all time fave). Super cute and steamy HEA.

The Dirty Boys collection was so fun to read. These men are straight up get your hands dirty, hard working, sexy bearded beasts that can dirty talk like no other. Their filthy words made me blush a few times.