By JC Jaye



This badass bartender is as tasty as the whiskey he pours.

Mitch ‘Moonlighter’ Tirone landed his nickname by excelling at two careers. Hardworking contractor by day, he trades the power drill for a bar apron at night, pouring ʼem strong at his old man’s gin mill. He’s cool as the brews he serves until he spies a flame-haired goddess cruising by on a bright pink bicycle. One gobsmacked glance, and ʼLighter turns loopy as a lush. First item on the gotta-have-her agenda: let’s find out what the beauty likes to drink…

His mystery woman is the town’s sexiest teetotaler.

Substance abuse counselor Andy Lachlan possesses a boy’s name, a centerfold’s figure, and a brutal past. Daughter of a violent drunk, alcohol is her no-go zone, and she’s passionate about assisting addicts while avoiding the liquor lifestyle like the plague. Hours spent advising clients or pedaling off the angst on a hippyish ten-speed don’t leave much time for fun-n-games, but this new girl in the ’hood isn’t about to settle for anyone less than the alpha abstainer of her dreams…

Professional partier, and despiser of all things booze. The chemistry is combustible when bad boy and bohemian meet, but can the star-crossed lovers make it work and find the ‘heavenly mix’?






~ Julie 5 star review on goodreads
I’ve just finished Gravedigger, and it’s a hot little romance full of steamy expense, which I have to say held me, to hear the next chapter.
Clint is dirty talking and because of his job a bit grungy, but he has his eye on a golden haired girl s who come to grieve regularly. They say opposites attract and it’s true here.
I loved to see Clint and his roughness he was all alpha. And Casey, she was sweet and tidy, she also was funny, likeable and very determined. The chemistry between them was undeniable and when they discovered it every thing was fine.

Shannon Downing- Gravedigger – 5 star review on goodreads

So much action and chemistry from the beginning! Loved the foul mouthed Clint. At a few points my heart was racing with anticipation needing to know what was going happen.

If you are in need of a quick steamy book that is filled with lust and laughs this is the perfect book for you.

Read All About It – Gravedigger 4 star review from Good Reads

3 Alarm Fire Hot!!
Your gonna fall in love with this foul mouthed, sexy hunk.
Clint MacGregor is a old fashioned gravedigger. He sees a ray of sunshine at a graveside every week and becomes obsessed.
I stomped on the gas, my pulse kicking up another notch at the thought of gazing upon her lovely figure, a much-needed vision after a weeklong drought. Please be there, bright angel. This addict needs his Saturday fix, bad.
Casey is grieving her twin sister when she sees a Viking. He’s everything she’s not.
“Really, Case? All those bulging muscles and untamed beards do it for you?
This is a steamy, scorch your kindle insta lust page turner.
First in a new series. Sledgehammer… is next!!.