By JC Jaye


Erotic Novel

Once, and once only. Those are ‘The Rules’… 

Uber-talented ad exec Tansy Martin is on a once-a-month mission. Hone in on the hottest guys in the hardware aisles, love ´em, and leave ´em. This creative side gig is sheer brilliance, cause she has zero intention of getting burnt by some slick player. All’s good until her ‘Who’s Next Wagon’ slams into hunky Gash Gannon, aka Mr. July. Next thing she knows, they’re shacked up nice and cozy, lighting the sheets on fire.

Whoa! Time to shut this lunacy down, and fast.

 Life’s cool for contractor Gash Gannon. Hard work, good times, and casual hook-ups suit him just fine. Freaked by his crappy family history, ain’t no way he’s ever gonna put a ring on it. Upscale supermarkets are his hunting grounds, and so far, he’s had no complaints from the ladies. One and done, that’s his motto. But the second delicious Ms. M rams her man-eating cart into him, he’s toast.

Okay, time to rethink that ring thing. Because this bad boy needs his baby, worse than bad.



Paula V. (Amazon Review)

This is a steaming hot read! I haven’t been into books lately, but a friend told me to start reading again and told me to try something different. What can I say , except I’m hooked. Couldn’t put this one down. A great way to escape into a new reality!!!
{ (Amazon Review)

This book is raunchy, super sexy, and funny. I laughed out loud in moments and also blushed and the super steamy sexy scenes which were WOW!

Trish7205 (Amazon Review)

Loved this book, loved the chemistry between Gash and Tansy, couldn’t put it down, had to find out more!!!
Very Racy, Hot and Funny…!! The perfect escape during these trying times, can’t wait for the next book!
Received an ARC copy on Book Funnel.