By JC Jaye


 Steamy Holiday Romance

Three sassy besties, each snared by their own sexy Santa…

Ginny Duncan’s put up with her cheating, boozehound of a husband for long enough. Time to lose the jerk and the rest of his snobby family, stat. Until dangerously tough brother-in-law Van returns stateside from his stint in the army. One incendiary intro, and this frustrated artist realizes she picked the wrong brother. Oh, could she whisper a lengthy wish list into this smokin’ hot major’s ear…

Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads…

Rosie Watkins spends her nights slinging trays in a stuffy country club, saving up tips to start her own bakery and lusting over temporary chef Blade Fitch. This surly burner of filets is behind the stove under duress, and it shows. Yeah, so do those blazing looks of his, scorching holes in her skimpy uniform. Is it her imagination, or do she and this tatted baddie want the same thing for Christmas, served on a bedside platter?

Things are about to get naughty, because they’ve been very good girls…

Bolinda Baptiste has made her mark around town as the best dang dog walker to pick up the leashes. The canine entrepreneur gets her flirt on with swoonworthy vet Matt Stevens in a crowded blues bar, and Christmas comes early. Mercy, are the holiday gods smiling… This hunky doggy doc ticks all her boxes and then some. Dare she hope the man with the uber-talented hands feels the same? Can’t hurt to ask, under that big sprig of mistletoe…



Courtney’s 4 star Review on goodreads – My Sinful Santa


This collection of 3 friends trying to find love and happiness with their steamy alpha males will make you laugh and swoon. I loved them all and they are so cute and fun to read.

Santa Baby Brother In Law:
Ginny is going through a disaster of a marriage that she can not wait to end as soon as possible because her husband has been hitting the bottle way too much and sleeping around on top of that. It is the holidays, and she has to endure a dinner with her in laws who are pretentious and snobbish, except her brother in law Van. Van has returned home from the military and is pretty much the black sheep of the family and he has a crush on Ginny knowing it’s wrong. Their attraction is instantaneous and hard to fight because they are afraid of crossing those lines but how long can they fight it?

A Tasty Holiday Dish:
Rosie is a waitress for a country club for some of the snootiest families in town and while she endures all the rudeness from them, she still has time to drool over Mr. Hot Chef, Blade. He is a tatted bad boy that isn’t that great at cooking but that doesn’t stop her from wanting him. Blade isn’t a chef he is a mechanic that is helping his grandfather out for a little bit and he knows his cooking is horrendous, but he is loyal to his family. Attraction is at its all time high and the steam is billowing off them like no other, but will things simmer out or will these two find a holiday love in between scandalous moments?

Cold Noses and Hot Kisses:
Bolinda owns her own dog walking business that she absolutely loves honestly in Gin’s book I wasn’t sure if I would like Bo because her crazy banter was kind of annoying at times when she talked to her friends, but in her story we get to understand her a little better. When she meets Matt the veterinarian, he checks all her approved man list. Matt is a total alpha, hot biker vibes, and smart to complete the package. Their attraction to each other is off the charts but can things work out or will misunderstandings stand in their way?


Swoon Worthy Read...

Marianela Aybar – My Sinful Santa – 4 Star Review on goodreads
If you are looking for short romance that pack the heat but also the fun, this is it. I laughed, I smiled, I swooned, and I might have needed a cold shower after. Each story is different but features a sexy and dirty Santa to keep you warm this holiday season.

Are you ready for steamy?

Alicia Andrews’ – My Sinful Santa – 4 Star Review on goodreads

“These girls are hilarious and so different from each other, the comments they make, and things they do will make you laugh out loud, and then you have the steamy scenes….. wowza! Be ready! “