TEASER – Gravedigger by JC Jaye

If you’re into a strong, silent alpha with a dirty job, a dirtier mouth, and a swoony soft center, you seriously need to make Clint “Digger” MacGregor’s acquaintance. Here’s a sneak peek at my latest hunky hero, straight outta Chapter One…

I squinted at Sunshine’s profile—the lines pure and angelic, her lips full and pink and luscious, even from this distance. Damn, I could only imagine what those beauties would look like up close.

Lord, I’d fucking kill to have them wrapped around my big, stiff…

Wait. Wait, what the living hell—?

My filthy fantasy was interrupted by the appearance down below of a scrawny figure sidling along the path, appearing out of nowhere from behind a clump of trees and making straight for Sunshine. The guy was swathed in a dark hoodie and black jeans, his face hidden by the cowl. One helluva suspect wardrobe choice for an eighty-three-degree day in July, that was for sure.

Ah, fuck!

Instantly, years of expertly honed army training kicked in hard—my body tautening, my vision focusing.

‘DANGER’ flashing its urgent message in blazing neon caps.

I was already grabbing for the door handle when the deviant snuck up behind my kneeling angel, lunging forward to grab her around the waist. Swearing, I slammed out of the truck like a ballistic missile and grabbed a shovel, my six-four frame barreling down the hill at Mach speed as he yanked Sunshine to her feet. Through the blood pounding in my ears, a sharp, startled cry pierced the silence.

“O- Oh!”

I saw red, running faster.

“LET HER GO, FUCKHEAD!”                                                                                                                            Gravedigger

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