“A great and fun book. I could not put it down until the last page. It features Iris Donovan, a photographer, and Axe Jameson, her brother’s wealthy business partner who falls for her. The characters are fantastic, and the plot has hilarious self-talk and sizzling passion. I strongly recommend this tremendous read!”


“I thought this was a really good read! Love the story line and the characters… not to mention the author is an effing amazing one! Highly recommend you read this book and the first two as well.”


“So hot it will melt your kindle! Axel is a man ho! When he sees his partner’s sister he has to have her, and when he falls, he falls hard. Hilarious, dirty mouth and hot as heck.”


“Hot tamale, this book hits the ground running. Hot and heavy from to start to finish. Iris is your not-so-innocent newbie to NYC who has the hots for her big brother’s partner Axel Jameson. Axe is your typical bad-mouthed playboy who can get any women he wants. But when he meets Iris, she’s all he can think about and boy, does he have an imagination… insert fan wave here!”


By JC Jaye



He’s so far out of her league, it’s ridiculous… New to the Big Apple, gifted photographer Iris Donovan is crushing on her big brother’s biz partner like a schoolgirl. What a joke—as if Mr. Superhot Billionaire would even glance twice! That’s not to say she can’t dream up dirt about the alpha god, all alone in her cramped walk-up. Incredibly, filthy fantasy becomes passionate fact, and Axel makes Iris his. Until it all goes wrong, in the most wicked of ways. He can’t keep his hands off her. But he’s damaged goods… Ax Jameson is a hard man. Cold and focused, the tycoon has shoved his painful past in a big black trunk and deep-sixed the key. His empire is all that matters, and women are a casual convenience, up until sweetly seductive Iris hits town. He’s got to claim this beauty, even if it means betraying his best bud’s trust. Every stolen moment is supreme, before fate decides this lovesick fool doesn’t deserve a happy ending. The Virgin and The Iceman. Is it too late for a second chance?   MATURE AUDIENCE