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A hot-n-nasty trip into the minds of three alphahole buddies, each determined to get their woman back…

Good things come in big packages…

Bebe Anderson, aka ‘Mizz Moneypitz’ is new to town: penning her popular blog for crazy fixer-uppers like herself, rehabbing her own money pit, and doing her damnedest to avoid the perv next door. The last thing she expected was to fall for taciturn hunk Tommy Branson, he of the noisy delivery truck that rumbles past her windows daily. Pretty soon, she’s cooking up all sorts of schemes to get Mr. Tall, Dark, and Sweaty over her crumbling door stoop, and into her bed.

Mercy, this girl needs it, bad!

 Ex-Marine Tommy Branson ain’t loving life lately. He’s got a back-busting gig offloading junk to annoying customers, a dad deep in the throes of Alzheimer’s, and a buncha buddies who get their jollies razzing him for living like a monk. But things sure perk up when gorgeous Ms. A hangs her shorty-shorts in that piece of crap she just bought. This sassy stunner appears hellbent on driving him, and what’s under his khakis, stark-raving mad.

Need it, bad? Hell, and then some..



Once, and once only. Those are ‘The Rules’… 

Uber-talented ad exec Tansy Martin is on a once-a-month mission. Hone in on the hottest guys in the hardware aisles, love ´em, and leave ´em. This creative side gig is sheer brilliance, cause she has zero intention of getting burnt by some slick player. All’s good until her ‘Who’s Next Wagon’ slams into hunky Gash Gannon, aka Mr. July. Next thing she knows, they’re shacked up nice and cozy, lighting the sheets on fire.

Whoa! Time to shut this lunacy down, and fast.

 Life’s cool for contractor Gash Gannon. Hard work, good times, and casual hook-ups suit him just fine. Freaked by his crappy family history, ain’t no way he’s ever gonna put a ring on it. Upscale supermarkets are his hunting grounds, and so far, he’s had no complaints from the ladies. One and done, that’s his motto. But the second delicious Ms. M rams her man-eating cart into him, he’s toast.

Okay, time to rethink that ring thing. Because this bad boy needs his baby, worse than bad.



He’s so far out of her league, it’s ridiculous… 

New to the Big Apple, gifted photographer Iris Donovan finds herself crushing on her big brother’s biz partner like a schoolgirl. What a joke—as if Mr. Superhot Billionaire would even glance twice! That’s not to say Ms. Dirty Mind can’t indulge in wicked fantasies about the man, alone in her cramped walk-up. Incredibly, fantasy becomes passionate fact, and Axel makes her his. Until it all goes wrong, in the most wicked of ways.

He can’t keep his hands off her. But he’s damaged goods…

Ax Jameson is a hard man. Cold and focused, he’s shoved his painful past in a big black trunk and deep-sixed the key. Damned straight—his far-flung empire is all that matters. Sex? Yeah, sure… Women are just a means to an end. Until sweetly seductive Iris hits town. He’s got to claim this beauty, even if it means betraying his best bud’s trust. It’s worth every delicious liaison, until fate decides this lovesick fool doesn’t deserve a happy ending.

The Virgin and The Iceman. Is it too late for a second chance?





Needed it (Need It, Bad)


JC delivers hilarity in the dirtiest of ways and I found myself laughing out loud multiples times and even reading tidbits to my husband knowing he’d get a kick out of Tommy’s thoughts. Jaye doesn’t disappoint with the steamy scenes and leaves you wanting more. Such a great read! Can’t wait for the next one!

Patty J

Order this (Need It, Worse)

Loved it more than the first and can’t wait for the sexy steamy third in this fun hot trilogy. If you’re looking for a great escape, order this book. You won’t be sorry!



Hot, hot, hot (Need It, Bad)

Love this book! It’s a really fun read. JC Jaye has a great writing style. I really like the characters, Bebe and Tommy. Their story is hot and funny. I can’t wait for the next book in the trilogy!

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