Dirty Boys Do It Better

The trilogy is complete! These buddies are bad to the bone…


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This badass bartender is as tasty as the whiskey he pours.

Sledgehammer is LIVE!

He’s got amightyhammer…
And it’s all for his kitten.

Gravedigger is LIVE!

“Why don’t you bring those sweet pink lips right on up here, baby…?”
“…. After all that mud, Digger needs some sugar.”

STEAMY ROM-COM Breakaleg Trilogy

Read the filthy-sweet trilogy! 

Tommy, Gash, and Ax… Three bad-ass, foulmouthed buddies.
Big ‘n brawny on the outside, soft ‘n squishy on the inside.

But that hidden shit’s strictly reserved for the woman of each one’s dreams…
Mature Content

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This fascinating journey into three alpha hero’s lovesick minds is smokin’ hot, diabolically witty, and best of all?

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Penned in the time frame between books two and three in my steamy rom-com Breakaleg Trilogy, Busted Hearts chronicles the Big Apple “lost weekend” of testosterone-filled hours my hunky trio of kicked-to-the-curb hotties spend drowning their sorrows.

And I do mean drown.

Ah, the poor dears… Mercy, these dudes are in a baaaad way. And all that firewater they keep pouring down their throats isn’t exactly helping the tormented buddies think straight.

(Can somebody say bad-idea strip club visit? Blottoed booty-without-the-booty 2 a.m. phone calls? Horrific hangovers from hell?)

Yeah, not straight at all.

During this three-day roller coaster of bro-bonding, whiskey and regrets, you’ll meet the Breakaleg Men in high-def and droolworthy detail:

 Tommy, Need It, Bad   *Available now!

 Gash, Need It, Worse   *Available now! 

 Axel, Need It, Worse Than Bad   *Available now!

Caveat: this short and unsweet sizzler is written from three uncensored male point-of-views: chock full of raunchy profanity, snarky humor, and graphically steamy recollections of fantabulous time spent with their respective ladies.

Hear what I’m saying? This sucker is not for the prim and proper.

Everyone, else, dig in!

A hot-n-nasty trip into the minds of three alphahole buddies, each determined to get their woman back… 

JC Jaye loves hearing from her readers!

Fans share their blush-worthy reviews:

…Gravedigger is my kind of alpha, stalker, possessive dirty talker. Ex-military and handsome as hell. I love him. Casey is funny, intelligent, and grieving from the death of her sister. I love the witty banter between the two…

Crystal Bell

Gravedigger Review, 4 stars (GoodReads)

Holy panty melter batman!! J.C. Jaye is a new author to me so I was excited when I was given then opportunity to read this book. It starts off with a bang ? and only gets hotter as the story progresses.

Axel is your typical playboy with the body of Adonis and a filthy mouth but when he meets Iris, his friends baby sister, he knows that he’s in big trouble. She’s all he can think about, and wow does he have a crazy hot imagination.

This book was impossible to put down once I started it, and it had me thinking about a cold shower

Trish (Cocktails & Fairytales)

Need It, Worse than Bad, 5 stars (GoodReads)

“Clint is a gravedigger, after his military career ended and living with PTSD he finds solace in the mud he digs, and that’s all he needs until he meets his ray of sunshine. After the death of her twin, Beth, feeling lost Casey finds herself visiting her grave every Saturday, but one day is the start of something neither could have imagined. Their attraction to one another is instant, after Clint saves Casey, she finds that spark of life that left her after Beth’s death but as is life it isn’t all that plain sailing for the pair. Will they get a chance at a HEA? This is a well written story of two people, who if not for tragic circumstances would never have met, and had a chance at happiness in their darkened worlds. The story has you from the first page with the amusing inner monologue of Clint and Casey, the reality check of life and down right dirty whispers!”


Gravedigger, 5 stars (GoodReads)

Holy Kamoley!

This book was absolutely on fire! I took a chance with this one, and boy am I glad I did.  Gravedigger has to be the best dirty mouthed, gorgeous character ever. 

Clint “Gravedigger” and Casey “Sunshine” are the definition of “opposites attract.”  He is the caretaker of a cemetery, and she is hanging on by a thread after tragedy befalls her family.  Clint saves her in all the ways that count.

If you love blue collar, dirty talking, sweethearts who will do anything for their women, this is definitely the kind of man you need to read.  I was sucked in from page one. JC Jaye is now on my list of authors to keep reading.


Gravedigger, 5 stars (GoodReads)

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