“This book will leave you rolling and be sure to have a glass of water near byEvery curveball the universe throws at these two will leave you in stitches! I laughed so much, but trust me the heat will melt you! I have always been a big fan of the way this author writes her men. They are real and unpolished, always telling it like it is and they minds are as dirty as their mouths! 5 steamy spicy stars!


Frank is on his way to France to make up with a friend. Reina is his seatmate on the plane with a need to escape the pain of losing her parents. An emergency leaves the two spending a steamy, sexy night together that could lead to more. Frank never expected to be so gone when he met Reina. Reina knows she’s met the ultimate alpha dirty talking man of her dreams. Buckle up this is a steamy ride!



This is a steamy insta attraction/love story. She is grief stricken, on an adventure to live life to the fullest. He is guilt-ridden man of action, trying to make amends. As they get to know each other, the chemistry is off the charts. There’s lots of dirty talk. And a couple speed bumps along the way. In the end, you get the happily ever after you crave. It’s perfect!


By JC Jaye



The man’s on a mission. But that’s about to get derailed, bigtime.
Gruff ʼn tough pipeline worker Frank ‘Oil Can’ Frazier has saved up his hard-earned cash, jetting from Anchorage to the Riviera to mend a bitter rift with a buddy—or get a busted jaw for his efforts. Little does he dream that an overdue olive branch will have him falling hard for the dark-eyed beauty seated beside him with a tale of her own. When an in-flight emergency detours the plane to the middle of nowhere, an overnighter with Little Miss 14B beckons, and O.C.’s hot fantasies become reality. Looks like this bad boy’s rewriting his travel plans…

A grief-filled escape turns into a delicious adventure before her seatbelt is fastened.
Newly orphaned traveler Reina Vasava is sticking pins on a map, hopscotching around the globe in an all-out attempt to bury her sorrow. Her solo status upgrades to a most do-able double after she buckles in next to a burly mountain brooding in the window seat. This foulmouthed beardie is her alpha king personified, and an awkward flirtation swiftly morphs into what feels like the real deal. All’s fun in and out of the Mediterranean sun until an unsavory secret is revealed, and the 
merde hits the fan with a ‘splat!’

Can mistakes from the past be forgiven? Or will a perfect passion face the guillotine?