“Ravenous on the Riviera is a great, fast-paced page turner. I didn’t set this book down while reading it, not once… I was sucked into the story.”


“An instant connection can change your life… The characters were intense… I’m extremely interested in seeing where this series goes.”


“If you’re looking for instalust, steamy scenes, and laugh-all-the-time, this is the book. Jake and Cee Cee are so funny and good together. A single glance and everything change for both of them. Zap! and Zing! You need to read this… What happens in the Riviera stays in the Riviera!”

“A steamy story of instant attraction with quick wit and sexy internal dialogue from the FMC and MMC, Ravenous on the Riviera is a must read!”


By JC Jaye



They don’t come moodier than this muscly brute straining his chef’s whites…
Sébastien Devaux enjoys a rep as one of the finest chefs on the Côte d’Azur. Too bad his prowess behind the burners doesn’t extend to his people skills. Taciturn and hot-tempered, the loner lords over his staff, hiding his past as an American punk with a rap sheet as long as his tatted arm. Yeah, this man of mystery has long fooled everyone into believing he’s all-Français, just without the charm. His world’s just the way he wants it until a luscious lady in shorty-shorts struts onto the scene and into his head—the tormentress hellbent on uncovering his secrets and making him human again.

She’s all about going for the good times. But a hunky grump might be her Waterloo…
Leaving loads of angst and family drama back in NYC, Danica ‘Danny’ Randolph trades the gloom of Gotham for the mesmerizing Med and an extended French residency, happily creating floral masterpieces and making new friends. A laughably nonexistent love life is the only bummer in her new normal until she spies a sumptuous chef she wants to gobble like a five course meal. Crappy thing is, the man in the jacket’s not making it easy, not even sorta. No matter—this minx has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, and her gal pals don’t call her persistent AF for nothing!

Flames flare between a human thundercloud and a gorgeous optimist. C’est impossible?