TEASER #2 – Moonlighter by JC Jaye                                                                                                                    Moonlighter Teaser 2

Sledgie weaved up on sailor’s legs with a heavy slur, a shit-eating grin, and an almost empty rocks glass, looking no worse for the wear.

“Gimme two more Jacks on ice for me an’ Digger, an’ a pair of white wines for the wifies.”

I shook my head, frowning. “Bec and Case don’t care for the swill that we carry. They’ve got fancier taste. All I’ve got in the cooler is cheap zinfan—”

My pal slashed his hand, snorting.

“Pfff. Pour whatever; they won’t know the difference. They’re havin’ too much fun flirtin’ with the band, torturin’ their spouses, and makin’ new friends.”

His slurs turned raunchy.

“Friends such as that smokin’ hot babe who’s shakin’ her sweet booty with them right now. Fuck me, those three are about to cause a house riot… You and Mooney are gonna need a firehose to cool the men off! Swear to God, MacGregor’s ten seconds away from dragging his Sunshine off caveman-style, and I’m not far behind with my naughty girl.”

“Smokin’ babe?”

Interest piqued, I quirked a brow. “There’s some fair-to-middling pickins in this crowd, but I haven’t seen any legitimate knockouts, except for the two already taken by you unworthy slobs.”

Sledge grinned wider, draining the dregs of his glass and thumbing behind him.

“That’s because your ass is sweatin’ bullets over here, and hot chick is twerkin’ her caboose back there.” He winked like a dog. “She showed a while ago… Don’t think she’s even made it to the bar. All’s I know is she’s mighty easy on the eye, seems cool as shit, and has won over the womenfolk, which in and of itself is something. Has a boy’s name, can’t remember what.”

“Hmm.” Intrigued, I squinted into the distance. “Maybe I should grab a quick bathroom break, see for myself if your pussified hide still possesses any taste.”

Bitch can’t be as fine close-up as my Red Goddess is from a distance, but may as well take a peek.

Hammer’s teeth flashed again as he jerked his whiskered chin.

“No need to wander, brah. She just appeared barside, right on fucking cue.”

He winked slyly. “Check it: sexy little redhead, your four o’clock.”


I whipped around, heart thumping faster. The next second, I was staring into the most beautiful face I had ever seen, and don’t ask me how I knew, but I fucking knew I was locking eyes with my elusive, bike-riding goddess.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Gawping like a fool, the noises of the bar faded as my ears filled with hot blood, every vein in my body coursing with heat. Including, most dramatically, the ones located in my dick.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Big, pewter-gray eyes, framed top and bottom by silky dark lashes. Dance-damp porcelain skin featuring a sprinkle of freckles over a cute snub nose. High cheekbones, firm, fine jawbone. All that wild red hair…

My gaze dropped, fastening onto her mouth.

All right, one more time:

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Sweet Jesus, that mouth. Pink and plush and fucking made for mine. For my lips, my tongue, my breath. And for other needy and greedy parts, besides…

Abandoning Sledge and moving like a man in a trance, I threw down my rag and walked over to her, watching two luminous eyes blink as they ran slowly down my frame, then up again, lingering here and there.

Mainly, there.

Ah, yeah. Baby likes what she sees.

My chest tightened, everything behind my ribs feeling all weird and shit.

That’s it. Look your fill, because I’m all yours, darlin’. Have been, for weeks.                                                                                                              Moonlighter Teaser 2

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