Ravenous On The Riviera, A steamy story of instant attraction.

 The lightning bolt zapped…

 Whoa, wait.


Holy fuck.

The crowd of asshole-ish guests shifted and separated, and suddenly, I was gazing at the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen in my life, glowing like a mirage on the cobblestones some ten-odd feet away.

Holy. Fuck.

My mouth dried as I looked the brunette over, rapidly eye guzzling before she glanced over and caught me.

I had a chintzy two seconds, when what I wanted was an hour. A day. A week. Hell, a whole eternity. That’s how fucking fine the beauty was.

Goddamn my soul, finer than fuckin’ fine…

Standing a petite five-foot pretty-much-nothing, she was sweetly stacked, rocking a jawdropping set of curves that didn’t freaking quit

Aw, man, check out those high, tight tits. And Jesus Christ, that ass!

As I watched, she stretched slow and supple, flicking back long curls, the strands black as sin.

Damn. What I wouldn’t give to sink my fingers deep into that messy silk and push that pretty head down, down, dow—

“YOU! Move it with that luggage cart, man!”

“Yeah, comin’…”

I grunted and wheeled toward the loudmouth prick, tripping over my shitkickers as I struggled to ignore the wet dream painted in her pale pink jeans.

Don’t look. Do your job, slob. Don’t look.

Obeying stern mental commands was the work of the devil, and I made it maybe three steps before the woman drew my gaze to her again like a magnet. This time, she wasn’t staring sideways at the château, but straight ahead, directly at me.


Seared as if I’d been torched, my heart pounded and hot blood pooled in my dick as I swallowed, throwing her a crooked smile.

Are you for fucking real, girl?

Mayday, mayday, feelin’ mighty funky.

I could use a cold glass of water and a cool cloth for my head, if any of you mofos want to help a poor sweat hog out.

Ravenous On The Riviera, A steamy story of instant attraction.