My delicious little captive needed a lesson…

I only meant to fuck with the cocktease.

Only meant to sling back a helping of the bullshit Violet had laid on me after her phony wails had me stampeding in from the other room, my heart bashing in my chest.

My gaze flicked to missy’s so-called “injury”—the dainty bones above her bare foot about as compromised as my own.

Sprained ankle, my ass!

Sexy, sneaky liar. No goddamn way you’d be twirling that joint around like that if it was hurting.

“Why the big eyes, Princess?”

Growling the question, I tilted my head, getting off on the way the girl was gawking at my hands as I made a slow show of unbuckling.

Oh yeah, those gorgeous green peepers were on my hands, all right. Likewise on the pseudo fireplace poker that was warping the fly of my jeans.

I jerked my chin at her barely clothed form as she wriggled on my bed.

“You got mirrors in Daddy’s McMansion, no? Don’t tell me you’re surprised that the sight of your T & A wrapped in a wet towel ain’t gonna get a red-blooded man hotter than hell.”

My voice turned deeper, and my damn fingers shook.

“Hotter than almighty fuck.”