Ravenous On The Riviera, A steamy story of instant attraction.

Okay. Was this goddess even real?

 “Uh, do I wanna talk?”

I licked dry lips before answering, my heart banging.

“Funny, that girl who was sitting here before you asked the same thing. With her, I was doin’ everything under the sun I could think of to tune her out.”

Pausing, I gruffed the truth into two big, beautiful brown eyes—the things stunning, mesmerizing.

“With you, it’s a whole different story.”

Frazier, you fucking idiot.

My neck burned as I swallowed, looking away from the most gorgeous girl I’d ever seen in real life. Or on TV, or in skin mags, or in any filthy fantasy I’d ever dreamed up in my head, for that matter.

And damn, that was without even checking out her ass, since she was strapped in, or her tits, hidden from view under a loose camo jacket.

I silently replayed my lame opening line, feeling my skin turn warmer.

WTF, fool? “Whole different story,” for real? You seriously spewed that shit out loud?

“Well, wow… that’s nice.”

The petite sexpot responded to my idiocy with a shy laugh.

Turned back to face her, I attempted a Joe Cool shrug.

“Yeah, that sounded sorta weird, huh? Uh, what I meant, that other one was a real yakker, and you seem, er…”

Like a hot, wet dream I wanna haul over my knee and devour like a wolf, with the whole damn plane watching.

Doe Eyes was blinking, waiting for me to finish, and I choked out the rest.

“…seem more laid-back. Someone I wouldn’t mind rapping with to pass tha’ time.”

I scrubbed my hand over my beard, stammering like a boy. “Uh, that is, only if you feel like talkin’.”

“O-oh, sure. Talking’s good. Plenty of time to zone out later, right?”

Those bewitching eyes locked with mine before the girl’s long lashes swept down, and she murmured an introduction to her hands.

“I’m Reina, by the way.”

“Oil Ca—, er, Frank.”

Tripping up, I gruffed my actual name over my usual handle like a buffoon, trying not to stare.

Trying not to spring a stiffie in the window seat of a jampacked jetliner.

I glanced down at my lap in dismay.

Is it too early to ring for one of those free blankets?

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