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Greetings, Jaye Hawks and welcome to November!

Wait, wha… November, already?

Uh huh, ʼfraid that shit is real. Which means, now that the eleventh square of boxes is upon us, a scant month-plus remains until Need It, Bad finally, finally makes its public debut on Amazon and beyond. (Notwithstanding you lucky ones (???) out there in possession of the rare, unedited “first edition,” crappy cover and all. Next one’s on me, buds!)

In giddy anticipation of this loooooooong-awaited event, JC thought a bit of pre-launch-titillation-before-the-fact might whet your eager whistles, and help spread the word.

First off, take a gander at some of the snappy catch phrases my team and I  “thunk up to plunk up” in that handy-dandy search bar thingie to narrow things down some when surfing the Net for what cranks the ol’ gears. A fantastically useful shortcut for all us discriminating romance junkies out there, ever seeking the “ideal read” to add to our personal arsenal of delicious downloads.

Simply type in what you’re hankering for (I personally use “hot bikers” a lot), and Shazam!… A treasure trove of hand-picked titles magically appears before your eager little eyeballs.

Need It’s were pretty fun to think up. And trust me, they all apply…

*Craving a raunchy rendezvous with a Hunky Delivery Dude? Comin’ right up—Ex-Marine Cpl. Tommy Branson’s at your service in the fine, fine, flesh.

*Eager to click with a Strong and Sassy Heroine? Well then, smart-talking Bebe Anderson’s definitely your gal.

*Jonesing to devour some wickedly racy Erotic Rom-Com, a scintillating mix of Sweet and Hot? Look no further, my like-minded friends.

*Not adverse to plentiful pages of hot ‘n’ nasty Dirty Talk? Coming atcha, in spades. Disclaimer: these colorful conversations ain’t for the weak-hearted!

*Ever picture yourself playing Naughty Nursie to an Alpha Hunk with a busted leg and a bad attitude? Now’s your lucky chance, ladies (and gents).

*Hot to trot for Sexy Bedroom Scenes combined with scads of dialogue-rich Humorous Hijinks? Let me tell you, book number one fits the bill to a ding-dang T!

Wow. (Big palm leaf. Fan, fan.) Gotta admit that list makes me wanna dive into the sucker all over again. Oh, hang on, hold the phone… Already done that like a bajillion times, what with all the never-ending tweaks, light bulb-idea additions, and oh-so-necessary edits.

Okay. Never mind.

It’s your turn now, Hawks.

Brace yourselves… In the next few weeks, I’ll be reaching out like mad to get all my peeps lined up nice and neat for the Final Countdown. (December 13th release date, and yes, we’ve pushed it back one teensy week.)

JC implores you pretty, pretty please with sugar on top to shout out this date far and wide… I’m psyched for a solid debut! You never know, there’s always the Top Seller of the day, week, month to shoot for.

(Hey, a girl can dream. Come on, I didn’t say frickin’ year.)

In return, I’ll leave you with a tantalizing tisp from deep within my delectable tome… Enjoy until the real thang. And keep those eyes peeled—additional snippets to follow every week until release!

Savor a sexy sampling of tasty Tommyboy…


Bebe interrupted my painful prattle, tapping four fingers against smooth, golden-colored skin. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road and not wrap us around the nearest lamppost, swear to God.

“I liked it. I want you to do it again.”

Yeah. So much for the goddamned road.

My head swiveled sharply to the right as a lust-soaked brain struggled to process those two fantastical sentences. Bebe was sitting there smiling whitely, sleek brows arched over wicked shades. Meanwhile, those distracting fingers kept on tap, tap, tapping away. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they started to move, stroking over her bare skin same as they’d done over my jeans.

Back and forth, up and down, to and fro…


All right, hate to leave you hanging, but gotta skedaddle… Lots and lots to do. Did I mention lots? Man alive, this marketing crap is seriously exhausting. Truthfully, I’m all about the writing part. But I will forge ever forward.

Simply must! Seeing as number two in the trilogy, Need It, Worse  is heading to final edit even as we speak. Mark your calendars, Hawks…Projected release: Valentine’s Day 2020! (Big fat smiley face.)


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Over and out for now.

Thank you ever so much for reading.

In humor, lust, ‘n’ love,