Oh my gosh, Jay Hawks, I can scarcely believe it… Today’s the day my erotic romantic comedy Need It, Bad at long last makes its public debut, and let me tell you this raunchy-minded author is seriously psyched!

I’ll say that again. Ser-i-ous-ly psyched.

Head on over to the following links—

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/NEED-BAD-Breakaleg-Trilogy-JAYE/dp/1734233516

D2D: https://books2read.com/u/bow1B…

—and get yourselves ready to fall head over heels with hunky Tommy and saucy Bebe, the charismatic stars burning up the pages of book one in my dirty-sweet and highly humorous Breakaleg Trilogy.

(Book two: Need It, Worse is slated for February 2020 release.)

Friends and countrymen, it’s been quite the long and strange trip since I first dreamt up this steamy tale of instalust, blissful interludes, and diabolical setbacks between my witty and talented heroine, and the taciturn, droolworthy delivery dude who rumbles past the filthy windows of her money pit mansion daily.

Yep… Long, strange, and at times downright surreal. (It’s true—tailing UPS trucks for Tommy-related fodder probably won’t go down as among my finest hours. And worse? Not a ding-dang one of the drivers looked anything like the studly specimen gracing my cover!) Still, I gotta say every hour of this enlightening new journey has been more or less a blast.

Oh. Except for all the endless rounds of editing. Yeah… Those time-sucking mothers, not so much.

Ladies, if you adore a spicy/sassy romance with plenty of colorful dialogue, do not hesitate… Need It, Bad belongs on your nightstand, stat! (Or alternatively stuffed under the pillow, if there’s any kiddies hangin’ around.)

Please support this first-time author and share my exciting debut news with all your buddies… The more clicks this baby receives, the more over the moon its author will be.

Kinda like that springy cow in the old nursery rhyme thingie, ya know?

I’ll end with a warm and fuzzy shout-out to all my peeps who’ve helped in bringing Bebe and Tommy’s love story to life (you angels know who you are) and a huge, huge, huge “thanks-in-advance” to all you generous readers out there willing to send JC’s kick outta the gates a success… You guys rock.