Blog number 10 – January 16, 2020

Hey there, Hawks, and (a belated) Happy New Year to one and all…

Here’s hoping everyone out there has an amazingly stellar start to the new decade, and that the Big 2-0 finds you full of peace, harmony, and good health.

Ooh, and a shitload of fantabulous reading material, too!

JC’s been on a mini, much-needed hiatus after the release of Need It, Bad last month, recharging her batteries in preparation for what’s gonna be a crazy-busy year, what with the upcoming next two tales in the Breakaleg Trilogy: Need It, Worse and Need It, Worse than Bad hitting the presses in late winter and mid-spring, respectively.

Not to mention the firm goal of completing a second, brand-new trilogy, getting it out in its entirety the latter half of 2020. Oh, yeah! More about this exciting news to follow in upcoming dispatches, including need-to-know storyline deets and scintillating sneak-peek excerpts.

What’s that? Curious?

Okay… I can tell you the first book in the next series is already well underway, and is seriously hot, hot, hot! (Spoiler alert: this baby’s chock-full of sweaty muscles (those would be big Joe’s), raunchy dialogue (not for the prudish), and wicked, JC-tinged humor (you expected otherwise?) There’s even Leo the adorable pot-bellied pig, who at times dares to steal the thunder from his mistress, my memorably indomitable heroine. Not that our ravishing Rosie actually lets the feisty hooved devil, mind you.)

Anyhoo, that’s the plan, and this girlie’s sticking to it like Superglue.

On a final high note, I’m pleased to report that the launch of Need It, Bad was relatively smooth, angst-free, and overall gratifying for this first-time author, garnering healthy sales and lots of positive feedback. A huge Thank You to everyone who contributed to this happiness, and JC beseeches y’all to continue to spread the word! And to pretty please post those ***** Reviews up on Amazon and other reader platforms… They are so, so critical for a toiling writer!


I was thinking I’d conclude this wee blog with a JC highlight from 2019 that exemplifies my sophistication, my refinement, my overall savoir-faire.

That would be the three-plus weeks I slathered body wash on my just-showered bod, believing it was body lotion. That’s what you get for not reading labels when you’re binge-beauty product shopping in your local TJ Maxx.

Ladies, take this as a warning. Did you know that liquid soap, left on the skin for twenty-four hour stretches, burns a deep and caustic trail? Particularly if one happens to possess a set of charming neck creases; diabolical breeding grounds for lavender-scented Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Trust me, I know of what I speak.

Now, one would think after a few days, let alone weeks, of applying sticky-thick soap to your pores and wondering “why the hell this dang lotion takes so long to dry,” a lightbulb would sooner or later click on upstairs.

Not so.

It was only when those flame-red lesions in my neck indicated I was into some heavy and disturbing bedroom rope-play that JC rang up her dermo, trotting into the doc’s office armed with the almost-empty “Culprit.”

One fast look at the bottle and the jig was up.


(squint. squint. squint.) Oops.

And, damn. Not only did I have to fork out a tidy fifty smackers for that two-point-nothing minute consultation, it literally took months for those “not-what-you-think-they-are” suckers to fade. (Actually, there are still traces.)

By the by, this little adventure took place in high summer. Turtlenecks were not an option, and scarves aren’t really my style. Never could master all those fancy bows and knots.

Ah yes… Fun times, for sure. Talk about awkward! Hey, you try explaining the hard-to-believe facts to inquisitive folks (Body wash? Uh huh, lady, sure), secretly convinced you’ve chanced upon some unsavory kink.

True story, my friends, cross my tender neck wrinkles.

Closing caveat: Never, ever, leave your reading specs in the car while shopping!

Well, that’ll do ʼer for this one. Short and sweet to start the new year. Gotta get back to some urgent editing, and besides that, I must admit reliving The Lavender Chronicles has rendered me a tad itchy. Think I’ll go apply some nice body butter. Don’t worry, don’t worry… my contacts are in. Ha.

Until next time, Hawks! Meanwhile, stay in touch…

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