Three big ʼn bad boys, brought to their hunky knees…

 Sinful Santa – Teaser

*First, it’s brooding ex-army major Van Duncan, pining for luscious, forbidden fruit:

Planted in front of the mirror, I faced my scowling image, cursing as I attempted to tie off a decent knot in my necktie for the fourth time in a row.
Fingers must be a little slippery after all that jacking off to your sister-in-law’s image, sicko.


*Next up is clueless-in-the-kitchen and hot-for-the-help chef Blade Fitch:

Big brown eyes peeked up at me from underneath thick-ass lashes and a provocative fall of heavy, tawny-colored bangs. Brown and butterscotch… Fuckin’ killer combo, one that kept me and my prick up half the goddamned night. Every night, ever since I’d first met the luscious Ms. W, three sleep-deprived weeks ago. And when I say kept me “up,” I do mean “up.”
Ask my fist.


*Followed with a ‘bang’ by alpha doggie doc Matt Stevens, slayed by a sassy

Fantasizing about the two of us making out had my dick twitching anew, despite it being cold enough to form icicles on my testes.
Make out? Christ knew what that big bastard throbbing behind my fly would do if my filthy mind moved to second base and beyond!
I walked faster, breathing hard.
Think of run-over dogs. Think of sterile surgical rooms. Think of saving a helpless animal’s life.

If you are looking for a short romance that packs the heat but also the fun, sinful santa is the right choice.

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