TEASER – Stocking Stuffers: A Christmas Romance Anthology

Here’s a tasty little teaser from my tale, Moody Under The Mistletoe:

Avoiding eye contact with a mumble, PF studied his intertwined fists, clenched like rocks on poinsettia-printed cloth. I swallowed dryly, studying them as well. His hands, along with his sexy forearms, exposed by rolled-up flannel—the tough, sinewy flesh in direct contrast to festive red flowers.

Yum. So strong and masculine. Such thick, well-shaped fingers, and all those bulging veins…

I dragged my gaze away with an effort, gesturing weakly toward the sofa in the adjoining room.

“PF, you should probably take your pain pill and lie down for a bit, don’t you think? I… I’m sure your wrist must be aching badly.”

“That’s not the only fucking thing that’s aching badly.”

My eyes flitted back as he grumbled the words almost (but not quite) indistinctly, twin flags of red darkening the cheekbones jutting above his beard.

I flushed in return, watching him shift in his seat, one hand disappearing from view.

Imagining those thick fingers adjusting concealed body parts, I squeezed my thighs together, tingling.

Oooh. Need some assistance down there, big guy?                                                                                                    Stocking Stuffers

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